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Special Musical Service 


for a special moment.......

  Over the years some of our clients have expressed interest in having an original song written for their wedding or gala. 

  Here are a few songs written as first dances for clients between 1996 and 2015.

  MIDNIGHT SONG was written for a couple who were big Bee Gees fans.

We produced it to sound as much like the iconic group as possible.

  Hope you enjoy the songs.

  If you are interested in us creating a song for you, ask us about

creative and production costs. 

  On your hand-held device please go to the SPECIAL MUSIC TRACKS page.


Turn Off The Lights - Tony Young
I Can't Say Goodnight - Tom Costello
Man In The Moon - Niki Rios
If You Were A Song - Tom Costello
Midnight Song - Tom Costello
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